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"Handle incidents and accidents gracefully, we are there to firefight. We can either be your first responder (or) your backup team when everything else fails."

Restore operations to normal

Troubleshooting is tedious, critical, and the most sought skill within the IT service arena. IT setups scale out and in; infrastructures become more complex than before, and so do the problems. It makes sense only if an engineer can understand what the problem itself is without wasting valuable time. The ability to diagnose and solve an IT infrastructure problem purely comes from experience and attention to detail. Before jumping to conclusions experts usually have the error and symptoms decoded. More than half of the problems get addressed with simple remedies.
With increasing software, hardware, networks, and peripherals loosely grouped as IT equipment, it is no easy task to deploy, operate, and troubleshoot them. Apparently, it is about willingly incorporating many different disciplines into a single infrastructure. It is often overlooked or poorly funded and so ends up not training the team for every bit of technology in use. Lack of preparation and over-reliance on the OEM leads to rapid escalation and company-wide problems.
Rapid troubleshooting
Our assistance is unique and does not rely on just the document or knowledge you share with us. We carry the experience to understand the environment in minutes and pinpoint the actual cause sooner. Our approach is simple and follows the below steps

We look at the impact and scale an issue creates

We inspect the infrastructure and the technical problems that are evident

We brainstorm to understand the recent changes

We use our expertise to pinpoint the root

We identify potential fixes

If there is a quick fix, we do it right away, else we find a workaround to make the system up until a permanent fix is delivered

Engage subject matter experts and ensure the system is brought back and functioning normally

Then we describe the problem and detail what has to be done to avoid it in future

We are different

It may sound overzealous, but the experience and exposure matter. It would be apt to compare the expert's ability with this analogy. "An elderly off-road vehicle driver with racing experience will be able to recover a car from any environment and accident situation in an efficient and timely way."
Rather than focusing on a system error message(s), have it addressed based on the underlying technology's capabilities. We follow this and carry a very long history of success.