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Design, Spec & PoC

"Ensure sustainability, scalability, TCO, and ROI by optimizing design/spec for need. Get your business a proactive cover to beat your usually reactive IT operations."

Designing systems and sub-systems to work as a single entity

Solution spec-ing is the ability to design and integrate new and known IT systems (Hardware/Software) conceptually. It constitutes functions, subsystems, and intra-system interactions in a given environment. Such specifications provide a clear pathway and avoid ambiguity in the outcomes to be achieved. The specifications are further tested and shaped via proof of concept (PoC) to guarantee its viability and usability.
The resultant design and specification act as a reference for the project deliverable. Usually, this is a factual statement given by the consultant that the proposed solution to address a need is within the limits and intended to be achievable in the real world.
The process
We understand the intricacies and complexity involved in attaining a solution. By discussing with all stakeholders, we design and get to PoC stage following below steps

Identify the Issue

Establish the business interest

Define the problem

Define the goal

Build the solution

Optimize the solution based on market availability

Generate design specification and bill of material (BoM)

Identify the most challenging use-case

Conduct a proof of concept for the above use-case


Our design, spec, and proof of concept services produce detailed infrastructure/software design, vendor-neutral bill of materials, implementation plan, and draft schedule containing all technical references and justification for the derived solution.
Design recommendations are delivered in a logical sequence with appropriate details and expected deviations/ exceptions due to environmental (real-time) conditions. Also, we propose the desired method/approaches for implementing the solution and possible problems/potholes along the way in achieving the final goal.
We do consider financial viability, logistic shortcoming, the business agenda, and hence our designs never end up being a blown-up product/brand marketing.