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"Choose a product of your choice! Ping us for the expertise to custom deploy it in your environment to match the anticipated user experience, and performance metrics."

Commissioning and customization.

Product deployment requires planning to make it a success. Would you fly an airbus with a two-wheeler driving license? Probably not, because trying things without understanding how they work could lead to disaster. The same is true in corporate infrastructure, the expectation is simply a product's ability should translate into business usability.
Implementation is the process of putting a design or solution into action through a specific set of tactics and techniques. Let it be a server, software, web service, switch, router, firewall, or any other IT device, the aim is to deliver the result that makes the stakeholder wow. Internally the implementation should guarantee that the deployment is stable and managed with ease.
Have a need, plan and test plan
Implementing a solution based on the vendor's quick start guide is something you should avoid. It does not meet your need. Set your implementation smoother by having an actionable understanding by following the below steps

List the required outcomes

Establish roles, budgets, and accountability

Determine your supplier and the implementation team

Determine actions that need to be executed

Set the owner accountable for each outcome

Have a test case for the toughest use case

Schedule, review and proceed

With us

We analyze the current state, determine the product ability, list solution potential, fence the scope using industry best practices, adopt and finalize the configuration using security models, and start the implementation.
We usually love even handling configuration in other relevant systems in the environment to make the product under implementation work as intended. On the contrary, your team or 3rd party vendor can handle this provided it's your choice/policy.
We follow a participatory approach involving relevant all stakeholders this makes knowledge transfer and post-implementation operations easy.