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"Our rigorous approach to inspecting, investigating, and determining the accuracy of the current state of your technology deployment, will deliver insight by comparing the findings against industry best practices."

Assurance by inspection

Information technology auditing involves the collection, evaluation of evidence, and determining whether an audited system maintains data integrity, safeguards assets, uses resources efficiently, and allows the attainment of organizational goals.
Audits look at only compliance and conformance and will not focus on how good or poor the performance is. Nevertheless, performance is a key factor most organizations likely to know. Why? when and what? are the first set of questions asked during an audit. Eventually, within the course of the audit one can let performance factors be correlated and identified from who, where, and how against the evidence.
An audit is a well thought planned action to identify what really is happening within an organizational ICT system, it might be a complete or specific audit to identify the current situation or a problem or a need for change. The core objective is towards

Safeguarding of assets such as data objects, and resources to house and support information systems.

Ensure data sets pertaining to availability, efficiency, confidentiality, compliance, integrity, and reliability of information are maintained

The routine

We provide different types of audit services viz Process or functional audits, Product audits, and System audit specific to meet client requirements.
We extend the boundaries based on the scope that needs to be covered. Our audit procedures are proven and usually performed by onsite visits, stakeholder meetings, document evaluation, and operative effectiveness pertaining to the focus area. Our approach includes inquiry, observation, examination or evidence inspection, and testing of individual controls.
Based on the data collected, we highlight the shortcomings and required changes. In addition, we document the strengths and weaknesses of the configured procedures/policies/methods by comparing them against international standards and industry-specific guidelines.
We help organizations to be better equipped and perform well within their reach.