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Edge Management & Monitoring

"Ensure uptime your business requires today and tomorrow. Control remote equipment even when you can't physically be there."
Monitor and manage distributed nodes, IT appliances, terminals, and applications.
Never sweat to gain operational insight, the most mundane activities are those that ensure uptime. In a competitive market, profitability is linked to operational efficiency, availability, and sustainability. Regardless of business innovation and agility, success is usually made possible only if you are equipped with the right tools.
Monitoring is methodically overseeing the functioning of the infrastructure by professionals using software tools. Without limiting the scope to your active business hours monitoring the infrastructure 24 hours a day prevents failures, outages, and software maladies. A perfect tool enables identifying and handling issues that affect the performance of the computers, storage, remote terminals, applications, services, and network components. In turn, it facilitates ensuring their peak performance.
It is required to proactively detect and report application, device, or connection failures, including the host’s health and utilization. Further, if any issues are detected, the software shall send alerts in form of text or email to system administrators.
Edge management and monitoring?
Yeah! it is a paradigm shift; rethink the way you monitor and manage. Instead of a centralized common template-based operation, have a platform that is just an entry point with distributed monitoring and management. The platform simply hosts a collection of configuration and monitoring metrics. Management of resources is decentralized and individual.
Factually having a workload deployed anywhere in the network is for a purpose, that very reason makes it a critical resource. Trying to tame it with a common policy is good only for a homogeneous environment, such an environment is unheard of in reality.
Edge management and monitoring is a vendor-neutral, device-agnostic integrated platform to operate better. It helps administrators to efficiently maintain heterogeneous environments in a natural way but is much more efficient than the current approaches.
Features and functionality
Evaluating management and monitoring solutions requires you to know the key features and capabilities to look for.

Realtime operation status and performance metrics

Automatic device and service discovery

Connectivity map and grouping

Universal accessibility and configurable dashboard

Custom probe and smart alerts

Natural scalability and licensing

Privilege access based secure remote management

Templates and configuration publishing

Save time and money
Our edge management and monitoring will save you both lots of time and lots of money. It eliminates wastage of valuable effort spent investigating, which would result in lower productivity. When you can understand, plan and fix issues you are increasing your profits.
When you proactively understand how all of your devices are being used, you will be able to identify what additional needs may arise and increase the capacity quickly and effectively.
Hope to see you adopt an approach that works.