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Automation & IoT

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Automation or IoT?

Businesses rethink the way they operate to reduce, minimize and eradicate manual errors and delays to increase efficiency in simple, routine and extreme business functions. These automated programable devices will enable and support most functional areas of manufacturing, production, inventory, supply chain, maintenance, and security domains. If you make these devices smarter, connected, and autonomous(limited) then it's the Internet of things (IoT).

The rise of edge smartness

A couple of years ago, edge devices were deployed to collect and aggregate data, but today they have to compute and provide real-time analytics. This transformation is natural and fuelled by cost, latency, and security.
Think about autonomous robots they have to connect to an array of sensors and make split-second decisions and adjustments. Not just industries, a home security system, a traffic signal, pedestrian crossing, etc... all have to be smarter than ever before. They cannot wait for the cloud to instruct them on what has to be done.
Same in a factory you cannot afford to halt your line until an analysis is completed and returned from a cloud service.
The inevitable is happening and edge smartness is the answer.
IoT in practice
IoT is the answer to a lot of scenarios below are two popular topics that default to IoT adoption.

Sensors (low power and cost) - affordable sensors are readily available and will be around for decades to be used by manufacturers to automate their functions.

Intelligence - machine learning algorithms can be used at the edge to extract data, analyze and predict the next potential state.

Let us serve you

We let organizations of varied sizes and domains realize the real potential of automation and IoT. We assist in finding the pathway about how it can be approached, the level of automation, and the data required for a given functionality. We present and visualize a conceptual solution to understand how the entire system works in harmony.
We author algorithms, firmware, and software to control IoT devices. We also research, develop and design the purpose-built hardware to the required specification. The consulting we provide comprises designing the software, control equipment, and communication channel to make sensors, actuators, and other electronic & mechanical equipment integrally work together to achieve the desired function.