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Software Escrow

"A perfect fit creates immense joy! Let us mediate and ensure that your software development project is delivered and handled with utmost care."

True partner to protect your project interest

Software escrow service helps protect all stakeholder's interests involved in a software license. A neutral third-party software agent holds any software source code, data, and documentation on behalf of the interested parties until a mutually agreed event occurs.
Many companies might have developed their core software systems through an independent software company, where a situation arises "what happens if the software service provider goes out of business?" the quick reaction to this is to ask the developer to save the code to a repository that is managed by the buyer.
From the company's point of view, not having control of the software code from day one is a risk to their investment. For the independent software developer sharing the code under development without proper payment, protection is a risk to their professional service standards. Solving this difference in perspective and a neutral party mediating (not an arbitrator) from beginning to project completion is where a third-party escrow service exists.
Factors that matter the most
Once you have decided to use an escrow service then there are factors that need to be considered

Coverage and Experience - your software is SaaS-based that requires additional expertise to test and hold the code

Beneficiary - your development involves the delivery of end product to more than one beneficiary

Management and release - your project requires a custom methodology and management approaches

Legal expertise - is your project slatted to be conducted across a different geopolitical boundary

How it works
The best-in-class and secured software escrow service works as follows

Execute an escrow agreement with terms covering the buyer as well as the developer and a legally binding guarantee to be neutral for either party

Software developer delivers source code and other essential materials to the third-party escrow agent as per the promised deliverables and timeline

Enable Buyer to evaluate and confirm the acceptance of the code

Source code securely held awaiting release conditions to occur

A release condition occurs and the escrow materials (source code & documentation) get released to the buyer

We guarantee companies gain control over their proprietary rights through a secured service fulfilling all party interests.