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Omnichannel eCommerce

"Harness the power of omnichannel ecommerce to make your business exceed all expectations."
Capitalize potential by positioning your business across all channels, platforms, and customers.
Ecommerce is one major disruption that has and will continue to change the way how a business operates. Consumers are driven through convenience let it be online or offline. Every buyer makes a choice as a part and parcel of his daily life. Ecommerce has been fuelling and catering this specific behaviour to a specific target audience, who in turn started looking for such facilities and comfort in all modes of shopping.
Most conventionally brick and mortar stores are forced to take part in ecommerce, but due to lack of option and flexibility fail miserably to make the cut. Technically creating an ecommerce site is a cakewalk, in reality, almost 90% of such initiatives fail within 120 days.
The gap is "1) know-how and 2) target coverage". It all depends on how you set up your virtual business, ensure flow of business, and tap revenue pathways. Producing a sustainable business model backed by an efficient, clutter-free platform is the game. Putting it optimal, the right things at the right place at the right time get reached to the right customer.
Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning your product through Omnichannel ecommerce
Understanding all the influencing factors, our platform enables businesses in any domain to have an integrated software product to deal with,

The competitors you fear the most - technology vs adaptiveness

The market conditions and demands you swim in - usage vs penetration

The product(s) you target against the audience you serve - demographics vs convenience

The unknown environmental factors you fear with - propaganda vs reality

Our purpose-built omnichannel ecommerce framework will open up a multi-faceted portal enabling your customers, suppliers, and third parties to interface with each other seamlessly enabling your business to function in harmony.
It is one platform that enables online commerce, in-store commerce, billing and order processing, procurement management, inventory, merchandising / sales management, search engine optimization, promotion and marketing, customer loyalty, and payment gateway integrations.
Achieve success, and ensure stability with better insight. Address all factors (influencing) of your technology-driven business model in a rapid phase. Develop and deploy your very own ecommerce platform using our proprietary omnichannel e-commerce framework in no time. Have no doubt, it delivers a device (mobile/tablet/etc..) optimized experience; a fully responsive and functional system that provides a uniform experience to every buyer regardless of how, what and from where they are trying to find, order, pay, and receive their products.
Aggregate killer
Suitable for individuals or firms of any size focusing on selling a single or thousands of products. Get all the coverage like any other successful ecommerce store. It enables custom business design to technically enable even the most legacy/hard-core offline merchants.
It is scalable, can be deployed on-premise or cloud, with a simple annual rental licensing. There is no per transaction fee. It is your sale and so all the markup is yours. Our responsibility is to act as a professional partner to design, deploy, manage and operate your platform.
Base package comes with all the must-have modules to address current market needs and trends. Additional modules can be custom-built to meet your site and business needs. Safety and security to access the system and data are taken care of through advanced tools, practices, industry standards, and compliance certification.
If you are planning to upgrade (or) deploy a new commerce platform, then we are confident to say that "You have found your team!".