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"Have a robot built ground up to meet your payload, facility, and workflow needs. Make them smarter with artificial intelligence and improve task productivity, accuracy, and reliability."

Business delivery takes a different shape through cutting-edge technology!

Autonomous robots take different shapes in different domains including commercial, medical, and military applications. Specific to each domain it takes a respective comprehensive understanding of motion control, position sensing, orientation, movement, and system safety.
The robotic design incorporates many of the technical disciplines in electronic product development such as embedded designs, wireless communications, motor drivers, optical sensors, cables, thermal mitigation, and power supplies. It also requires expertise in kinematics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and its related aspects.
New businesses formed and yet hasn't built up broader brand recognition has to seriously take care of each and every customer interaction producing reviews and referrals.
Identify your partner
The range of application areas is increasing day by day. The benefits are immense, to name a few manufacturing, environmental, agricultural, retail, logistics, healthcare, hospitality, and so on...
To identify the best engineering team, one should look for expertise and experience at least in the following areas

Electromechanical systems design and analysis

Robot sensing and navigation algorithms

Computer vision analysis and image processing

Power electronics

Controlling linear actuator, stepper, and servo motors

Closed loop motion control systems

Human-machine interface

Thermal design and analysis

Our abilities

We provide a full suite of electrical, electronics, mechanical, and software services for controlling robots in various autonomous applications. Our ability to author firmware enables real-time control of robot motor drives, laser drivers, battery charging, power control, and control loops for actuators and arms.
Our clients understand our ability with our initial proof-of-concept utilizing off-the-shelf technology. Post that we move on to the design and development of the product. We engage industry experts and leading fabricators to assist in speedier production. Depending on our client's needs, we provide both full turn-key product development services as well as ad-hoc product upgrade tasks.
In addition to providing product development and regulatory testing services, we offer other relevant services, made possible with our team of managers, engineers, and scientists.