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IT Infrastructure

"Peace comes with discipline. Get your compute, storage, connectivity, and security infrastructure designed and deployed to be easy to operate, integrate and migrate."

The foundation

No matter your industry, setting up a new business or branch technology should be an integral part of your planning process. Such a plan has to have measurable goals, unfortunately designing an IT infrastructure is all about understanding future needs. An unplanned network cannot support more than a handful of users and devices. You have to look ahead and plan and align your technology structure with the short and long-term goals.
Such a plan shall adhere to various standards and statutory requirements specific to your domain. Being compliant with regulatory requirements is important, it governs the proper functioning of the system, security of classified information, and ultimately uptime to build trust with your target audiences.
It is not just getting the most out of your investment; it is about relevance when your business starts growing.
Must know
It is highly advised that any IT design and consulting services guides you with below bare minimum factors

Hardware is the most basic part, you should decide on computers, routers, switches, servers, and firewalls among other devices.

Software is the second, you need applications like human capital management, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, etc... you can opt for a readily available product or custom develop one.

No office is efficient until it gets appropriate connectivity, you have to settle for an internet subscription that meets your need.

Structured cabling is the next common thing to be tackled. Without cabling, your employees cannot work using an IT device.

Centralized data storage is next, you have to plan to share data, and avoid data corruption and theft.

Then comes the operating system and back-office software standardization, what runs your business is usually operated from here.

Let us be the first

We have a skilled team of IT consultants who can provide you with all the information and guidance to start from scratch. They can design and specify everything necessary to have your IT setup on time and within budget.
We also assist you in preparing for the unforeseen, let it be a backup or business continuity, or disaster recovery. Along with building your technology infrastructure, our service empowers you to walk with confidence.