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Internet of Things (IoT)

"The future is now, with remotely deployed sensors and edge devices get real-time intelligence and make your decisions omnipotent."

IoT Engineering

Most people think of IoT Engineering as software engineering in which a device is managed by software, usually taking care of skills in front-end and back-end development. This is absolutely wrong! One has to account for the design of everything, that is hardware, connectivity, cloud service, and user access using a custom board, code, or relevant development boards and SDKs. Immense complexity is guaranteed, and that goes well beyond typical solution providers' capability.
The thirst for more data is being fuelled by innovation and interdisciplinary culture. It is certain all existing sensors and devices are to be connected to the internet in one form or another because Artificial Intelligence-based decision-making algorithms demand so.
IoT demands cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge on what responsibility falls under whose hat, in which order to execute the task and when to integrate and test.
Get started
Businesses can get hold of IoT via the below three-step process

Experimenting, getting to a platform and allowing users to find value.

Formalizing, and drafting a clear product design and project outcomes.

Ievelopment, design and develop a system that is novel and focused toward the organization's goals.


We have mastered designing, and developing the entire solution including the design and fabrication of hardware, customizing firmware/ OS, developing cloud services, and building user experience. We can meet any customer demand of any scale.
The IoT solution can be designed to be a SaaS or On-premise depending on the business need. Sensors and hardware components of any kind or purpose can be integrated to meet the devices' functional and intelligence needs.
We are here ready to guide you into the world of IoT.