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Custom Software

"Build to match and evolve like your need. Rapidly changing business requires an effective, cutting-edge, and always available software solution."

Bespoke software development

Conceptualizing, designing, authoring, and deploying software for a specific need or cause is considered more efficient than a collection of commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS). COTS targets a broader audience and hence it is more generalized and generic in nature. Every business cannot use them because only about 25% of the features and functionalities are useful for any given scenario.
The general public has moved towards the buy instead of build approach, the same does not apply to corporates. The custom solution includes new, customization, or modernization. Such projects can be handled in-house or outsourced to a third party. Most custom projects move through familiar steps like requirement gathering, code authoring, testing, and deployment.
Points to ponder
To minimize the risks involved in developing custom software, businesses need to get clear answers to the below

What features and functions are required? Segment them into a) must have, b) good to have, c) luxury to have.

What technologies do you plan to use in developing the software?

Does the underlying framework allow enhancement into the predictable future?

Does the end result allow integration with other IT systems?

Does the internal team/developer have the capability (technically and functionally)?

How long will it take to develop?

How much will it cost and what are the hidden costs?

Our participation

Even if our clients are uncertain, we get them to address the above questions genuinely. In the hindsight not answering them will lead to scope creep, cost overrun, poor implementation, and ineffective results. Eventually, everyone wants to avoid a disaster.
Upon involvement in a project, we take them through an effective on-boarding process. We always tend to focus on getting a clear understanding of the requirements, usually a longer phase within the project. The next is to design the architecture and technical aspects of the solution. Upon agreeing on the design, the development starts. For faster and quality delivery, we follow DevOps, and hence the deliverables are credible and on time. Upon completion, the pilot run happens to gather information on potential gaps and data required for fine tuning the system. Once user acceptance is signed it Goes live followed by post implementation support.
Easier said than done, we are objective so getting things done is a breeze.