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"Streamline development and operation to deliver quality result. We guide you to imbibe a global development culture."

Standardize your software development and delivery.

Software development company providing service delivery or an individual development environment serving its own business, following your very own development principles and practices will no longer help fulfil your client's delivery needs. The answer to the above is DevOps.
DevOps is a practice that streamlines the development and operation of a software company using processes with source control, test and release automation, collaboration, communication, monitoring, and management tools.
Companies often struggle in gaining control over the software development life cycle stages, in turn, DevOps provide utmost control over software development and operational practices. DevOps breaks existing authoring and delivery islands and enforce collaboration and automation for faster development and easier maintenance of deployments.
It touches most aspects of a typical software development life cycle. When DevOps adoption is discussed usually names of set tools, and platforms get highlighted, in contrary you can switch to DevOps and continue using most of your preferred tools to carryout source control, authoring, testing, release, collaboration, planning, etc… It is only recommended to switch to a more productive tool that can be automated to filter out the process.
Avoiding catch 22
Getting into DevOps may sound good but it all depends on how you plan to go for it. 80% of the DevOps implementation fails. Hence, organization should answer and accept the reality before actively getting into DevOps.
Befitting YES as an answer to the below signals you are ready.

Is this a joint initiative supported by management, development, and operation teams?

Does the whole organization/department ready for a change in culture and environment?

Does the change in practices can be seriously adopted at all levels and at all times?

How it's done?

Invariably organizations should be prepared to commit at least 3 years to see tangible results through DevOps. Simple steps to adapting DevOps into practice are

Encourage communication and collaboration to overcome the silo mindset and make all teams viz development, security, network, QA, product managers, business analysts to work together to achieve common goals and objectives

Impose discipline and make teams take accountability

Quantify each and every metrics of software development life cycle stages by adopting the best practices and process flow to suit your business delivery

Choose the right tools and equip the team to adopt it in the right way

Create pipelines and process to automate as much as possible.

Also consider your team's average experience, as a thumb rule if it is less than a year then the success rate should be higher. If it is around 2 to 3 years then there will be some hiccups so expect an above average success rate. If the team is well experienced then you will encounter pure resistance and be prepared for a war or expect below average success.
Adapting DevOps gives you results in the longer run, we help you choose the right way of work and process achieving business success.