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"Make a seamless flow of business functions across systems for product integrity. By certifying you eradicate risky islands of process, applications, and hardware systems."

Infrastructure certifications

Certifications are there in all shapes and sizes. You can have your infrastructure certified for quality or sustainability or occupational safety or information security management. Apart from that, there is certification to ensure your infrastructure includes the necessary components to ensure the required reliability.
In general compliance, certification belongs to two broader categories; statutory and standard.
There are certifications that are required from day one your infrastructure becomes operational. These are statutory in nature and are must-have.
On the other hand, if an industry authority highlights specific criteria for performing operations and at the same time, they do not enforce them in a lawful manner then for such a situation you will implement a standardized policy and performance framework and certify them as and when needed. Such certification is done to establish the credibility of your business and show your effort to comply with a base standard. Business owners have their own compliance plans usually derived to meet the cost, need, and demand.
Example How to get ISO for management system?
Achieving certification for a management system is not a big deal technically (there exist other certifications which are demanding as hell). The basics are below

In a systemic way, study and gather all relevant information

Document all relevant information about your business

Plan and implement all that you have documented to be relevant for your business

Have an internal audit and a first certification audit procedure

The certifying body approves and you will be awarded the required ISO standard

Follow-up period audit and certifying procedures to retain the certification


As a consultant we are responsible for designing, implementing, operating, and maintaining infrastructures. Our assurance is that our service commitments meet relevant Security, Availability, and Confidentiality.
With our domain expertise, we can facilitate the preparation of your build, and migrate infrastructure to levels that pass the certification.